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Welcome back to Inneath, mighty travellers! I must confess I never thought I would get to this point: a whole range of Elves. Me! A respectable Dwarf consecrating himself heartily to developing Elves: we truly live in crazy times! Yet, I must tell you a secret: I had such fun. Together with Valerio, the sculptor who made the wonders you're seeing in this page, we spent more than a year in the company of pointy ears, dinosaurs, Trolls and disturbing (but adorable!) spirits of the wood, designing what I believe to be our best and most inspired range. Or, at least, my favourite one. Thanks for being here, I hope you'll enjoy this new campaign of us!

Forest Troll resin kit sample

"Elves of Inneath" is a fantasy miniatures range made in  32mm scale, the most ambitious and detailed collection of figures we have ever designed: indeed the Elf Guardian, the towering Forest Troll and the Green Knight are the biggest and most complex kits of our career! We poured in this range over 6 years of commercial experience and visceral love for this hobby: now it's up to you to help us turn this project into reality and, with a bit of luck, make it even bigger and more exciting, unlocking the vast collection of Stretch Goals that we designed...and much more!

The best way to collect our miniatures and save some doubloons...and reinvest them in new miniatures, of course! *Jedi's move* 

If you only want to get your feet wet in this campaign and grab just a few characters, or if you want to add more miniatures to your bundle, here is the price list of this new range to which to refer. If you want to buy only a selection of individual miniatures, pick the "Individual Miniatures" reward.

We are truly excited about our first Digital Bundle and we hope to see many of you happily 3d printing our miniatures.  However, as you may imagine, there are some rules to follow in order to help us to protect our works and, consequently, our future. 

 When downloading our digital files, please follow these simple rules:

  • The use of our digital files is intended to be strictly personal. You can print as many copies of our minis as you want for yourself, but do not sell nor distribute them (or part of them).
  • Please, do not modify/altered our digital sculptures and sell modified versions of them. 
  • It's ok to resize and 3d print bigger (or smaller) versions of our minis.
  • Of course, you can't share nor sell the .stl files themselves.

For any situation not covered by the rules above, please use your own common sense or contact us to clarify your doubts. It's ok, for example, to 3d print a couple of miniatures for a friend of yours, once in a while. It's not ok to start to illegally distribute our minis (for free or underpayment). We know we can't win against piracy, so we think that it's better to focus our energies on the vast majority of passionate and enthusiastic hobbyists. If you love what we are doing, and if you want to see more projects of us in the next future, please help us to protect our ideas and creations.

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